Thursday, 25 August 2016


She walked aimlessly on the deserted road, not really knowing where she wanted to go. It started to drizzle, and she looked around hoping to take cover before the rains got worse. 
He saw her standing by a dilapidated ruin of what appeared to have once been a tea-stall. She looked haggled and tired, but her spirit did not seem beaten. “Can I take you somewhere?” he offered. “I have a bike.”
She smiled at him and wondered what to say. She could’ve asked him to take her home, but then she remembered that a storm had ravaged it. She wondered if he’d help her rebuild it, but it was too late for them to salvage it. 

“No, thanks,” she replied. “I’m just on this road, walking on.” 
“Where?” he prodded. 
“Away from the ruins, and hopefully, away from the storm.” 
Thunder rumbled and lightning struck. Without another word, she got on his bike and they rode along. 

“We’ll sleep anywhere we find shelter,” she suggested. “This storm is too strong!” 
“And finding shelter in this country-side is so rare. Do you know where shelter can be found?” he asked.
She just tossed her head and replied, “Anywhere.” 

They stumbled upon an old, shady-looking hotel, and it had a room to spare. 
As she was about to crawl into bed, she warned him, “I often get nightmares when I sleep, but I dare not ask for your care. That would be too much kindness, of which I’m very scared. In case I wake up and cry, please forgive me. I only cry for my home and everything that I could once call my own.”
She did not seem to realize that he was too baffled to respond. So, she continued to speak and he listened in silence, puzzling how from this situation he could abscond.     

She was murmuring to herself, “I told them to make the house stronger! I screamed for help! They paid no heed, and dismissed the need – it’s only a breeze, they said. Don’t worry unnecessarily. What is the need?
But it was a storm alright. The very worst of its kind. I kept trying to save them. I told them to stay strong! But they huffed and puffed on the side of the storm, and there was not much I could do alone. Now everything’s gone! Everyone blames the storm! We could have saved everything, but they still blame the storm!”

He looked at her deep-set eyes. “Is that why you are on the road, simply walking on?” 
“Well, walking isn’t all I do,” she laughed and pointed out, “I sometimes speak to strangers just as now I am speaking to you! But, generally I talk about the weather, because that’s what strangers do.”
He laughed at her statement and assured her, “Now and then, it’s alright to digress. Conversation, path, or both, briefly. I am in no rush, and neither are you. There’s nowhere you have to be, and there is nobody awaiting me.”
“I could go wherever I wanted to, except, of course, back in time,” she sighed. “But I am really tired now, tired of walking, of being, and tired of trying to rhyme.”

“Then let’s just lie here, do nothing, think nothing,” he suggested. “How does that sound?”
He took her silence to mean a ‘yes’ and continued talking along, “I want to look up to find a clear sky each day, and realize the universe is awesome.”
She smiled in surprise and shared, “I want to believe that karma is a sure thing. I want to believe that there is something out there that ensures that things go right. That there is a plan. I’m not on it yet, but I believe there is a plan. I might have lost my home, but I still have two legs. I can go anywhere, and I’ll go where there’s happiness.”
“And where is happiness?” he asked with a grin. 
She returned his grin with a twinkle and simply replied, “Anywhere.”


  1. I think we are all walking along that path looking for happiness ... I also thing we need to get off it and try to enjoy the journey... that's what life is about xox ♡♡

    1. :-) True. Happiness can be experienced during the journey, not necessarily at the destination!

  2. That's a good write up sans any gender biased.Really 'happiness' derived from within , let there be anything or not.It is nothing but a solid state of mind.The monologue of the girl is nice considering contents.
    My request is to carry on , 'happiness' is not far away

  3. Sometimes you find different paths of happiness, when you loose everything. Wonderful narration! I felt the presence of poetry too in here! Kudos! :)

  4. Sometimes in the quest for that one unknown flower far away we forget to smell the lovely ones on our way.....Beautiful writing....

    1. Thanks Jaish! Hope you are doing well :-)

  5. I'm sure there's some hidden meaning(s) in this story. Tried hard, but couldn't decipher it. Although revealing it all might amount to losing the charm of the post, I'm curious to know :)

    Lovely narration.


    Do drop by mine. I blog at SCRIPTED IN SANITY

    1. Not everything needs to have a hidden meaning :-) I hope you enjoyed what you read at face-value :-D

      Will check out your space! Thanks for dropping by!

  6. This is the best thing that I have read today ... just awesome ... loved it :D

    1. Your comment definitely made my day :-)

  7. I could sense a touch of romance at the end and a bright morning after the raging storm!

  8. Gee sorry, Divya. Deleted the comment only so that I could make an edit to it. Here's the edited one...

    When two strangers meet.... that's destiny. The rest is up to them... or to one or he other. Life is what you make it. The universe simply sends the opportunities.

    Lovely story. Keep on writing.
    Blessings to you and your family.

    (Wish there was an edit button on this portion of the blog. :-) That would make things easier.)

    1. ... and still have missed a letter! Hahahahah..... :-)

    2. Haha! I guess you were meant to miss out that letter :-P

      Thanks for dropping by! Hope you are doing well!

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